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'We are the music makers..and we are the dreamers of dreams'
Arthur O'Shaughnessy

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Female, 36 years old
Liverpool, United Kingdom
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Well, where do I start? My name? My date of birth? Perhaps not to vaguely summarise the parts of me that have no meaning, no consequence? I write exactly as I mean to. Purely from a part of me that throws down its hands and cries Speak! as plainly as if you or I were conversing eye to eye.

Many may call me a poet, as I choose in my expressions to write in verse for the large part. However, although I feel a writer may choose to write where s(he) is comfortable and most happy, I do not think it is right to distinguish a person as a poet or such. I am therefore a writer, and have been so for more than years than I have had a certain hair colour! Or as far back as I choose to remember.

Words are my weapons, my choice of communication, my self expression, organised or disorganised into a point, a story, a fiction or non-fiction, exactly what I choose to convey at that particular time. Who knows sometimes what expressions may choose to leap out from my mind? Believe me, even I am shocked and appalled by the various apparitions that leap from that precipice!

I am chiefly a fantasy writer, and a poet, taking my inspiration from things unseen and seen, putting pen to paper for all that dreams are made of.

It is true to say I am fearful, even afraid of my own writing, the depth of emotion I sometimes encounter, from savage demons in nightmares, gothic angels and princesses with faces of flowered ivy.

My reasons to write? Blank expression. Because I breathe? Or as Isaac Asimov was quoted say `I write for the same reason I breathe, because if I didnít, I would die.í

I remember the first poem to inspire me was The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe as well as The Listenerís by Walter De La Mare. The combination of all that makes life real, fantasy meets reality in a blend of convoluted haze, mystery and darkness blended into sharp wit poetically mastered with flashes of sense of humour built into a story, paragraph and sentence.

A whole world awaited, with many worlds to explore, of my own creation and existing placed on a platform of words and lifted into three dimensional expressions.

Grimmís fairy tales, likewise, a source of inspiration, The lady of the ash wood tree, the girl with the red dancing shoes, as well as the twelve princes and the twelve princesses.

I always found delight in a world created by a writerís visual image.

It is also true to say I find peace in my own expression, and a deeper meaning, a source of there is more out there to be discovered, created and born. For each mind that enters this world, a new source of creative material becomes possible, each as unique as the soul that bears them, and brings them to birth.

I also believe that books are a vital part to life, new places to discover, new people and challenges to thought.

Art Arthurson once said ďDonít get it write, get it written.Ē This has been an eye-opener for me, so many times I have spent trying to perfect a piece of work rather than speaking for my inspiration/ideas/emotion and looking back once it has been written. Perhaps speaking from the heart, from what you imagined in the first place is the best source of writing.

To me the world seems filled with ideas, like a never-ending spring bubbling at boiling point, they only need to be seen, and picked clean. I am glad for the ones I have seen and continue to see.


Lady unsuspecting, in your mirror so dark, reflecting a crow, did you lady, did you know?

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