Perhaps you require full mouth implants in order to replace your lost teeth. Almost certainly, you are going to look at means of saving cash on the treatment. Fortunately, All-on-4 dental implants in Tijuana provide cost-effective solution since they need fewer implants in your jaw when compared to traditional implants.

Defining All-On-4 Implants

All-On-4 Implants is a technique used in replacing teeth utilizing fewer implants if you compare it to the conventional techniques. It carries the following characteristics:

As few as 4 implants for each jaw

While full mouth implants employing conventional techniques would need between 8 and 10 implants for each jaw, All-On-4 method utilizes just four. Five or six sometimes are required on the upper jaw because of lower bone density.

Angled read implants for maximum strength

Rather than being vertically inserted, the degree angle of the rear implants are at 30-45. This implies even those patients who have suffered loss of jaw bone can be eligible for an implant without having to undergo the lengthy and costly bone graft process.

Takes a day to implant and fit

This characteristic has earned this type of teeth implant nicknames like �smile in a day’, �same day teeth and �teeth in a day’, This is a considerable improvement on the conventional implant processes which may take six months or even more to complete, not forgetting extensive recovery time at every step of progress.

All-On-4 implants provide several benefits over removable dentures and traditional implants. They include:

  • Short treatment plus recovery time
  • Same day implants and extraction
  • Stable and comfortable structure to support bridges and crowns
  • Fixed in place so you do not need to remove when you want to clean
  • Do not fall out or slip
  • Fit for patients having jaw bone loss
  • Cheaper compared to traditional methods which use between 8 and 10 implants


Certainly there also are some limitations to this kind of dental implant and they include:

  • The outcome might not be as good compared to traditional implants
  • Some individuals report issues with hissing or spitting when speaking
  • A number of dentists see this as a “shortcut” to properly replace teeth

The above are some fact you ought to know about All-On-4 implants. It comes with various advantages like its cost-effectiveness and same day implants among others. Therefore, having evaluated all the benefits it offers, you can consult your dentist when you need a dental transplant.