Combo of cosmetic surgeries, a risk that can be deadly

The death of a North American patient in Cali, which took place last Thursday, while performing several aesthetic interventions simultaneously, highlighted the high risk to life that these multiple procedures represent.

For its part, the Health Secretariat of Cali reported that there are already three people who have died this year under similar circumstances. In the same surgical act, people keep insisting on performing three or even four procedures at the same time. In two of the cases are women who come from abroad. That is to say, they come with the limitations of time.

The doctor added that to the extent that the patient is exposed to anesthesia the risk of complications and death is greater. It is a subject that concerns the clinic and the personnel that operates but also the patient because it can reduce the risks by not submitting to these multiple procedures in the same act.

Three would have been the procedures to which the last deceased woman submitted: a mammoplasty, liposuction and a correction of figure. After five hours in the operating room the risks are evident and can cause thrombi, respiratory problems and hypothermia, putting at risk different organs and even the life of the patient. patient.

Technological advances and the expertise of plastic surgeons, coupled with the desire of patients to perform all in one procedure, a single recovery and a single trip (for those who come from abroad), has boosted the rise of these surgeries.

He assured that today, 80 percent of the interventions that are carried out have more than two procedures. Exceeding a time limit in the operating room becomes a threat to the success of surgery on the patient.

In anesthesia and surgery, four hours in the operating room mean some risks, but from four to five hours these risks increase. In future, that is to say more than five hours, the possibilities of complications grow exponentially.

The potential risks come from the patient’s stillness for a long time in surgery. The circulation is slow and tends to cause serious problems, such as thrombo-embolism.
He added that there are substances in the body that rise due to surgical stress and end up producing metabolic acid. This causes circulatory problems, with risk of disorders in the coagulation. Hypothermia and cardiac arrhythmias.

Pulmonary thromboembolism (blood clot in the lung), fat embolism and hemorrhage are the main causes of death due to cosmetic surgery in Cali.

Cardiac arrhythmia, embolism by biopolymers, acute myocardial infarction and soft tissue infection remain on the list of deadly causes.

This research revealed that 32% of people underwent at least three aesthetic procedures, followed by 30% who underwent surgery and 26% two surgeries.

Also, within the cases of mortality, 56% surgeries were performed by qualified professionals. However, it was also detected that general practitioners, beauticians and dermatologists are also part of the list of people who practice plastic surgeries.


In view of this situation, the Government of Valle raised an application to the Ministry of Health to prohibit more than two surgical procedures in a single anesthetic time.

Before having an aesthetic surgery, verify that it is in an accredited center and that your doctor, preferably, a verified doctor of cosmetic surgery in Tijuana Mexico. Keep in mind that in cosmetic surgeries such as mammoplasties and liposculptures there is a lot of blood loss.