What Dental Amalgams Are?

You must know that dental amalgam is a really strong and durable dental filling material. It is an alloy composed of a mixed powder of approximately 46% to 57% silver, tin, copper and, in some cases, smaller amounts of zinc, palladium or indium bound by approximately forty three% to 54% of elemental liquid mercury. Dental amalgam fillings are grey or silver in color and are sometimes known as silver fillings or mercury fillings, actually this is not a very good looking color for your tooth.

Dental amalgam was invented in France during the early 1800’s. It is essentially the most generally used materials within the restoration of decayed tooth on the earth and has enjoyed widespread use within the United States for well over a hundred years. Prior to the introduction of composite resin fillings, dental amalgam was the only viable alternative to solid silver and gold as a tooth filling material.

But in recent time, research has show that metallic amalgams cause unwanted health issues that can affect our bodies in serious ways. For that reason Sanoviv Dental clinic in Tijuana Mexico focuses on amalgam removal in order to protect our bodies from dangerous toxins.