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'We are the music makers..and we are the dreamers of dreams'
Arthur O'Shaughnessy

Poetry Books

African Princess

Published by Amazon Kindle April 2011.

Available on Amazon Kindle: African Princess is a collection of poetry based on my childhood living in Zimbabwe in a mixed race family. From the mountains of Chimanimani to powercuts and bathing in tin baths, the magic of Africa lives on both in my dreams and in my heart. A collection of poems that will take you right into the heart of Africa.

Daydreams in Mermaid Grass

Daydreams in Mermaid Grass was my first poetry collection, published in 2008 by Jeremy Mills Publishing.

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Daydreams in Mermaid Grass began in a dream. What happens when we sleep, before we fall into those deepest, unknown places? Why do we have no recollection of what has taken place but awake with a heightened sense of something undefinable? This uniquely transcendent collection of poetry offers a peek into a world where the wildest dreams and nightmares culminate in an all-consuming whirlwind ride. A dream state like that of the title, where Time's journey stops and unimagined things reach out from another universe as you slip softly into the unknown.

In her verse, Natalie Williams summons up the world of Bracken, a mesmerising realm populated by fantastical creatures. Serpent dragons journeying on quests that reflect all wrongdoing, princesses clothed in darkness and the enigmatic 'Speaker' are just some of the treasures that await. Take her hand and let her magical dream-verse lead you into the world of Daydreams in Mermaid Grass.


"Natalie William's debut collection of poetry is an extraordinary journey into a different place. The
worlds, states and creatures that comprise this collection are skilfully conjured through the use
of colourful and immersive words and metaphors. The poems themselves are good works in
their own right; with some being stories and tales so vivid that they could be the basis of another
Among the best poem in the collection is `The Mockingbird and the Jewelfinder'. Well structured
and easy to read this poem is a strong indication of the poet's skill. The rhymes are pleasant
and do not seem forced..."
--Writer's Forum, November 2008


'If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings and those kinds of works of will enjoy this collection of poetry.'...'This is an attractive book, design and quality wise...There is coherence to the collection and the editorial work is good'.
This is a stunning collection of verse by a promising poet from the UK. Here we have magical imagery and mysterious lyricism evoked with a masterful touch. This is exactly the type of poetry that this editor likes to savour.

The flyer to Natalie Williams’ collection states that: ‘In her verse, Natalie Williams summons up the world of Bracken, a mesmerising realm populated by fantastical creatures. Serpent dragons journeying on quests that reflect all wrongdoing, princesses clothed in darkness and the enigmatic `Speaker` are just some of the treasures that await.’

Daydreams in Mermaid Grass is most definitely a wondrous epic read of beautiful dream-inspired visions. Williams explores the mindscape of dreams and dreaming and what happens to us in that mythical state of not quite knowing what’s going on or rather feeling that something important is happening if only we could fathom the depths of its meaning. Williams makes poetry her medium, her prism and what we readers are served up is a enchanting kaleidoscope of wonder and beauty.

In her poem The Mockingbird and the Jewelfinder we read: 'I am ancient; I am old/So I sing, jewels to me bring/I am withered; I am cold, so cold…/I shout out, let all the earth with my echo sing'. This is highly successful imagery and the lines convey a sense of place that lies without our normal mundane sphere of interest. It is ‘other’, ‘over there’. These are glimpses of some kind of wonderland that is never sugary sweet or trite. It is a realm of enchantment and the way in which Natalie Williams evokes this state of being is utterly confident and capable.

Here we have a unique poetic voice and one that at once thrills and moves. In Geisha Girl the reader is transported: ‘While you are sleeping/The moon and sky cry weeping/I clutch at all the thousands of dreams I have/'…and: ‘Your presence melts shattered tomorrows/’..and the beautiful line: ‘All I am is my gift to you.’

These poems are a tonic to the soul, a wondrous balm for modern humankind, so often engaged in the trivial and exasperating facets of life. Natalie Williams’ poems are rich and exquisite and reflect a sense of purity that, ultimately, most of us long for in some way or other.

Speckled Dragon is an intriguing, terse poem but perhaps my favourite verse in this outstanding volume is Komodo Princess with its crisp, sharp images: ‘I am reversed/Painted onto the backside of time/Blurted forth into wickedness/Into your moment of death/How sublime.’

This volume makes for supremely compelling reading. It’s not escapism that delights; these poems refer to that blissful dreamy state of being itself. These are poems that denote wonder. It’s a gem.

In the biography it states that Natalie Williams grew up in Zimbabwe and lived on the purple carpeted Jacaranda Lane. Where I live Jacaranda trees abound and when they are in season they are a joy to behold. It is no wonder that it would instil a sense of wonder and magic in a budding poet. Anyone who has seen the Jacarandas in bloom must believe in the power of dreams and poetry.

Ancient Heart Magazine, February 2009
Theodore in November
Theodore in November was my 2nd poetry collection, published in 2009 by Jeremy Mills Publishing.
Available on Amazon Kindle:
Available in paperback on and
Theodore in November is a poetic celebration of innocence and the expression of an essential mystery: how love can be so easily destroyed by the burdens we carry in ourselves. These poems depict a journey through all the stages of love. Theodore, who represents innocence, is the object of the narrator Harbinger's affection. Harbinger speaks universally through folk tales and legends of the journey she takes to find Theodore, and of how she discovers herself when she discovers innocence. November, a time between summer and winter, a time of peace and stillness before the change of seasons wreaks havoc, is where Harbinger's transformation to a state of innocence through love is realised.

Natalie Williams offers an ethereal and perceptive insight into our everyday yet strongest emotions. Her poems transcend words, lifting commonplace ideas, thoughts and feelings into another world. Will Harbinger destroy her love when she finds it? Will Theodore run from her in fear? Will the legends fulfil their destiny? Will love be victorious? Take the first steps into the crisp winter berry of November colours and discover Theodore in November.


The poems in this book seem to illustrate an allegorical journey with as its main characters Theodore/love and November/Eden; a journey of self-discovery and the realisation of true love, that ephemeral and elusive fabled beast.

There are some truly stunning and haunting poems in this collection and, as I am coming to expect with Natalie Williams, the author often strikes just the right poetic tone, hits home to the reader's heart and makes her point in a direct and wondrous manner.

In `Cover me in Latin' I am fixed by the lines `Easy lover/I'm skinned by you/And gift wrapped in joy/Present me to your finest woes/And I shall curl my toes'. Sheer beauty and so incredibly evocative. Williams is the mistress of setting the mood. In `Words of Wine', I am treated to `And I am liquid in your hands/Liquid to fulfil your demands/Flow to meet your commands/You drink me up yet I am drunk with you/. Who can resist a poetic flow like this?

Theodore in November seems to be an exploration of precisely those feelings that make human beings feel human, and, at times, immortal. These are themes that resonate throughout the ages; love and loss, longing and desire, the quenching and the hurt, the pain and the bliss involved in the mere act of living and loving. This, all said, is a beautiful book of poetry.

I will leave you with a few more lines that inspired this editor. What joy is poetry when it comes in the form of sublime craft. From `Take me back to November': `Take me back to November/Make me remember/The steps I took to December/../Develop me/Envelop me/Play with me/Today with me/Stay with me'. And also: `Blow me into a Rainbow/Fly me like a kite/Let me be the moonlight/On a November night'. --

Ancient Heart Magazine, April 17th 2009

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