Natalie Williams, Author and Poet

'We are the music makers..and we are the dreamers of dreams'
Arthur O'Shaughnessy

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Speckled Dragon



Speckled dragon

Born electric

Come what may

Drink fire in china


Exhumed and eely

Lemon fucking squeezy

Canabis delights sum up

his equation

To honour borne

His inflation



Jelly are my knees

And I say

Oh my

Speckled Dragon please

Pubescent are my dreams

of speckled dragons on speed.

To Home

When I look at you;

I think of home.

Memories of twisted surf

and splashing cliffs.

Black rocks mottled with grey

splashes of organic paint.

Soot soul driven

by winds and hurricane.

Driving home in darkness.

Hot lemonade summers;

red with raspberries and cream.

What a lovely dream

it is to look at you.


When I think of you;

I look at home.

Coconut coloured eyes,

eyelashes lifting

and drooping

with shy.

Nude pink hills; your hips are

mountains I climb with fingered wishes,

and flowered lilac kisses.

When you smile secret ideas

lift with the lines your glasses


End pecked on your nose

Chocolate threads your hair is knitted;

entertained by your wit.


When I look at home; I look at you.

I am there again.

With you.

Death Eater

Death destroyer, life giver

You are my words; you are what I speak

Death eaterís worms, death you feast

Of rotted flesh you mark, you wreak

Cinnamon weaver

Deathís siren calls, you are not mine

You are not wicked are you? Child of wine

Dead I am, and Death I hear

Do you call to me; I am not sure

What are you saying, Death Eater

You are seemly laughing demure

Death mirrored, death betrayer

You bury me with love layer upon layer

And I cannot breathe for wanting you

Death Eater

And I am ashamed of my desire

Death Giver

And I gaze with virginal eyes

Death is my dreaded, darkened demise

And I am tortured by this sweet sex

Death I am so terribly vexed

So sweet you stab me, belay me, unravel, gain me

Death Eater, swallow me

But you give me life, or so it seems

But I am dead, only alive in your dreams

Death Eater

Dream Believer

Word Creator

God of mine.

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